dangling participles are where it's at (ilwitchgrrl) wrote in preg_exchange,
dangling participles are where it's at

March matches

OK ladies, the March matches have been posted on the member status table: http://community.livejournal.com/preg_exchange/2303.html

I only got feedback from a couple people but it sounds like the overal consensus is that there is still time to get a package together for this month, so we are going to officially move forward with the package buddies for March! Please contact your buddy in the next couple of days to exchange contact information and get your packages going.

Due to the delay in matching this month, if you and your buddy mutually decide to put off sending your first packages until April, that's fine...plesae just let us know so we're aware.

Thank you so much, ladies!
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um, i was matched with a person who isn't a member of this board. please advise.
oh, she decided to leave? OK, sorry about that, last time I checked I thought she was still in here. How about, since that leaves us with an uneven number of people to match, you match with me for the time being, and when we get more applicants we'll refigure the matches. Would that work for you?

oh that's okay, i don't want to burden you. i'll just wait it out till someone new joins.


I would like to send you a package, if that's alright. ;)
of course that's alright! i'll email you my address.
You have a deal
!! ;)
I feel so stupid asking this, but how do I get ahold of the person I'm paired up with? lol! do I just comment to her and give her my email address?

Not stupid at all!

You can comment to her, or you can email her. If you follow the link to her LJ (she is under her TTC journal), to her regular LJ.. her email address is there. :)
i tried to contact my buddy but it looks like she hasn't been on line since the 7th. Any suggestions to help?:(

I will definately keep my eye out for her.

Have you tried her email shorah@zodnetworks.com ?
I didn't know that ill try that too!!
I'm sorry I didn't get back to you in a timely fashion; I'm glad hawk had an email address for her. I hope that works for you and you guys are able to get in touch!
Hi. I'd like to join in if possible. I cant post my application because i dont know what questions im supposed to answer. the app link isnt available to me b/c im not given access or permission to view it.
check now, you should be able to see it! thanks and welcome; please let us know if you have any trouble! :)
I got it and I posted my intro. Thanks!
Is this community still active?
I don't think so, but I don't know if any of the members are still keeping in touch with each other or not! We haven't done an "official" exchange in almost a year. I had two buddies and they both disappeared on me and never sent me anything. :( Want us to try and resurrect it?