Vanilla Cookie (angellam) wrote in preg_exchange,
Vanilla Cookie

Me too! Me too!

Name: Leslie
Age: 28 (29 on 3/3)
Location: IL
Would you like an international package buddy?: Not at this time
What kind of things do you like? I sell Home Interiors - so I've ended up as a big fan of the home decor (I'll also be a good buddy because I've always got candles to spare), Counseling (Working on my MA), The color lavender/purple, Since I've been pregnant- any kind of cherry candy seems to settle my tummy, Snuggly/soft things, Angels, Journaling, Reading new things, Music of all kinds, Traveling, Musical Theater, Scrapbooking
When are you due?: I'll know more this week. Somewhere in the first week of October
Would you like a buddy due the same time you are?: That would be fun
Dislikes: Chicago Style Relish, People who are intolerant of alternative viewpoints
Favorite things:? My family, My friends, My Laz-Boy Microsuede Recliner
Things you would like to recieve: Stuff for baby - I have nothing!, Information shared about baby, Stuff for mom-to-be OR dad-to-be, neat stuff I haven't found yet
What is your mamma style?: I believe I'm closest to soccer? But I used to be hip and rockin. Is there a nerdy soccer ex-rockin category?
About you: I am a QMRP/Developmental Instructor in a sheltered workshop-type setting. I'm about 2/3 done with my MA in Counseling from Governors State University. I sell Home Interiors and Gifts, and I love to decorate. (We also do school fundraisers when your kids get older!) This is our first baby and I am SO excited!!!
Why you want to have a package buddy: I was a founding member of package gang. Until my buddies didn't want to send anymore, I had a lot of fun sending packages all over the U.S. I really like new and different things that I can't get locally and meeting new people!
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