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the Pregnancy Exchange FAQ

Who should join?
Moms! This community is open to both expectant AND current mothers. It is our hope that, through this exchange, we can come together as women and mothers and share in our strengths, our joys, and our triumphs. The joy of motherhood is a shared experience, even though we are all very different people.

How do I get one of these package buddies?
1) Click Join on the community info page.
2) Once you have joined, fill out and post the intro survey.
3) The moderators will set you up with a compatible package buddy mama based on your answers. Want to exchange with a buddy from another country? How about another mom with the same due date as you? A mom who already has kids and can act as a mentor? Or someone due a few more months from you, so you can pass down the things that you've used. And she can pass down the things that she's used? No problem!

When will I receive my buddy assignment?
Buddies will be assigned on a monthly basis. For example: If you join the community and post your intro survey in February, you will be assigned a buddy in the first week of March. The moderators will notify everyone of their buddies and will post the list of buddies on the community info page. At that time, it is your responsibility to exchange your shipping information with your buddy so that you may begin sending care packages to each other in March!

What is my buddy status?
Check the Member Status Table(s) for your current status. Your mods will do their best to keep this table updated. If you have any questions about your status or feel that you are listed incorrectly, please contact the moderators.

a note on buddy assignments
The moderators will do their best to match you with a compatible buddy given the choices available at the time of assignation, but please note that we have a limited pool of people to work with. Hopefully in this community we will all be able to celebrate our differences as well as our similarities! If for some reason we match you with a buddy and the two of you just do not mesh at all, either of you may request a new buddy at any time. (See the 'troubleshooting' section of the FAQ below for more information.)

Where is says location on the survey.. do I put my address?
No. Just the city or state, or if you are uncomfortable with that what region you are in. When you are set up with your package buddy, you will send your address directly to them.

When can I start sending things once I get my buddy?
Packages should go out by the 23rd of the month, to be recieved no later than the 1st of every month. Which works out to one package a month. If this does not work for you, feel free to work out an agreeable package date with your buddy. Please notify your mods of any changing package date. In the event that there are problems, we can help resolve the matter more quickly.

How much is this going to cost?
Packages should have a minimum of 5 dollars, and a maximum of 15 before shipping. This is just a base line. What is the price for someone who makes you a labor CD? Knits your baby booties? Sends you books they no longer use? While that may not have a hard price tag, please use your best judgement. These are *care packages*, so send things to others what you'd want to recieve.

What if I don't get a package back?
1) If you haven't received your package on the first of the month, please send an email to your buddy and ask them if they have sent the package. We understand there are special circumstances that crop up sometimes.
2) If your buddy does not respond in a timely fashion (24 hours), please notify the community moderators that you have not received your package.
3) If we do not receive a response from your buddy either, and it goes to the 15th of the month with no contact or package - that person will be banned and we will match you up with a more compatible buddy for the next month.

What if I need to leave the community?
Please notify the moderators AND your buddy that you will need to leave the community before the first of the month that you expect to stop participating in the exchange. We will move you to the "inactive" list and will save your information so that you may join up again anytime you wish. We will assign your buddy to a new buddy at the beginning of the month you choose to leave the community.

What if I would like to switch to a new buddy?
Please notify the moderators AND your current buddy that you would like to switch to a new buddy before the first of the month that you expect the switch to happen. We will assign you and your current buddy to new buddies at the beginning of that month.

When do I post?
Please post your intro survey shortly after joining! We cannot match you with a buddy until you post this survey.
After you post your survey, please feel free to post the things you've recieved from your packages!
Also feel free to share news and reviews of products for moms and babies that others in the community may be interested in.

Have a question that wasn't answered in the FAQ? Please leave a comment on this post and we will answer it as soon as possible!
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